The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you smell what I smell?

Ok, I have this thing that I do that I never thought was weird until a few years ago. I smell weird stuff, and like it. I like gasoline (Randy does the fueling up when I'm pregnant), the smell of the seam of a new magazine makes me happy (the bigger the magazine, the better), stuff like that. Well a few years ago we had done an enrichment night activity where we made ceramic nativity sets. The girl that put the finish on them brought me one on Sunday freshly done and the smell of the glaze made me very happy. It wasn't dry yet, so I had to hold this camel ceramic piece with a pencil. So, I'm walking around, waiting for RS to start, with a pencil up a camel's butt, sniffing it with a grin on my face..... I was sniffing a camel's butt and enjoying it!!! I didn't think it was weird until my friend, Dave (he calls me "Crazy Hope", and I take it as a compliment) came by and was all sorts of mad, he said I was huffing and when he was a cop in Colorado, he would have arrested me. My response to him, "well, don't you wish you were still a cop in Colorado? sniff, sniff"!!!! Ok, huffing is meant to get high, I just smell stuff and grin, I have no lasting affects, no cravings, no blacking out, nothing like that, I think it's pretty innocent. Then Dave schooled me on my brain, how it's "different" than most (we all knew that), most people that like dumb smells also eat weird food combinations, I don't do that. Now that I start thinking about it... I DID have a son born with a birth defect.....hmmmm, just kidding, it had nothing to do with this. My new favorite smell of choice, Randy's deodorant. Speed Stick Active Scent, YUMMY!!! When he goes to sleep, he'll put his left arm up and secretly I bury my head as close as I can and sniff away!!! Weird, not to me. I bet everyone does dumb things that no one knows about. I'm here to help everyone feel better about themselves!!! You're welcome!!!


Dave said...

Okay . . . that is the FUNNIEST blog article I have ever read in my life, and I'm thinking of sending it off to a few places for review and input!!!!!!!!!!!!:
. . . . and a few others that I might just let be a mystery for now.
So when you start getting phone calls and requests by producers to be interviewed about your CRAZY HOPE antics . . . don't BE surprised!!!! And when you're ready for an AGENT - call me, I claim first dibs!!!!!
You are CRAZY and hilarious!!!!

Dave said...

. . . and, strangely, I do feel much better about myself. (Mainly because I DON'T sniff Randy's armpits!)
-dave, again

heidi said...

Thats so funny, I love different smells to. And I do eat werid stuff togeather.

Amy S said...

I like the smell of the rocks in our office and on the wall by my bathtub. It's especially yummy when the rock gets wet. MMMMMMMMM!!! Sometimes when Dan is stating a bath for me he'll splash the rocks just so I can smell them. Maybe the oddities run in the family?!?!
A couple weeks ago I had just made a Sonic run and was sitting on the couch eating my Oreo Blast when Dan got out of the shower. He had his arms above his head and I had to put them down. I told him all I could taste was his deodorant. Not so good for my preggo tummy.
ANYWAYS, just thought I would share.
Love you!

Brenda said... guys are really making me feel normal!