The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, September 8, 2008


Really, am I contracted to love my family UNCONDITIONALLY? No matter what? Uhg, I know I'm gonna need help with this. I'm not talking about MY family (Randy and the kids), I'm talking about all of the other ones. I am so sad that I have a sister that fails to see that she is killing any of the positive relationships she has for a lot of negative ones. I am the youngest of 6 girls (no boys) and let me just say that there are some serious hormone issues. Yesterday the lesson in RS was the Visiting Teaching message for the month. It taught how we are all daughters of God and that we all have a divine purpose. I truly believe this. I believe that Heavenly Father made us all the way we are for a very specific reason and that if we don't embrace it we are just insulting Him. With that said, I think ALL perfect models have imperfections that need to be fixed. I know what mine are. If you know me very well, you do too!!! Anyhow, I wont go on. I don't think that morons deserve any more time of me talking on my blog about them... SO THERE!!!


Charmaine said...

I agree with you Hopie, sometimes embracing ourselves for who we are is harder than we think! You are awesome! Just remember, we have to have some negative in our families-believe me, I know!- so that things don't get too boring!:)The spice of life, right?! Love ya!

Amy said...

Sometimes it's best just to love from a distance. It's the best thing that can be done.