The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


What? I don't believe it... that's like saying "man walked on the moon" or something as unreal. We all know THAT didn't happen. What makes anyone think that my sweet little Clay is gay? Just because he wears more make-up than the average woman, or that cute little way he talks, or that he just had a baby with his 50 year old "best friend" doesn't mean he's gay. I'm so shocked that People would run a story like that. It's not like they are The Enquirer or anything. Next they're gonna say that Lance Bass is gay. Fhew, glad that one isn't gonna happen. I have to have a celebrity crush of some kind, jeesh!!!

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Brenda said...

What will the media think of next?! I've seen more TV in the last few days than I care to admit. I feel sorry for people who's lives are splashed all over the TV screen. That is why I choose to never be famous. They can't make me. LOL