The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a weekend!!!!

It's been a LLOONNNGGGG weekend. We started out on Friday in Hurricane setting up Peggy's Peach Days booth. She had to run to the eye doctor in St. George to have her eyes checked out, it was scary for a minute but all is well. We went to our niece, Naomi's play that night. It was fun. The next morning we were in Hurricane, ready for the parade at 9am. I hate parades, I think they're dumb, but the Peach Days parade is the exception. Cambelle got to ride with Uncle Cory on the committee float. She didn't throw the candy, but she did enjoy some herself!!! The kids left with a HUGE sack of candy and fun memories watching the parade with their cousins. After the parade I got to play "store" until it was time for the peach cook-off. It all went well until the wind/rain/lightening started up. It only lasted for a minute, but it was scary for that minute. At the end of Saturday, we're left with another year of great memories from the celebration.

Then, today was our Clyde family reunion. It was so fun. We were only missing 14 members of the family. We missed those who weren't there, and had fun with the ones that were. I love belonging to the Clyde family. There is always someone to connect with. There are a lot of cousins that are our age and Randy LOVES his cousins. We have always had a blast with the cousins. I remember when we were dating, we were always at Fred and Karen's or Grandma Clyde's playing pool.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. I'm tired and after playing volleyball, I know now not to do that again!!! Apparently, I'm fatter and older than last time we played volleyball. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. Happy Labor Day!!! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours!!!


Charmaine said...

How fun! Reading this makes me kind of homesick for Hurricane-I loved it there and Peach Days were way fun. You're right, the parade is one of the funnest I've been to as well. Glad you had a good weekend too!

Michelle Campbell said...

Hi Hopie! This is Michelle Campbell (Clint's wife). It was so awesome to see your post on our blog!! I can't wait to tell him about it... he's gonna love it! I love blog hopping and finding people I haven't seen in forever and see what they are up to. I can't believe you have a daughter named Cambelle. Clint loves that name (as a first name) a lot and is a little bummed that we can never use it. haha. (Campbell Campbell just doesn't sound right). You guys live in St George? We should stop by and say hi the next time we're there. Clint has lots of family in st. george, laverkin, and his brother, Kelly, lives in Ivins. Your family is adorable!! If you don't mind I'm gonna add your blog to our list. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. You're awesome!! Our email is
cya... Michelle

Shad and Laura said...

Holy huge family! I wish I could have gone to peach days too. I always tell my kids that if heaven had a flavor it would be a Hurricane peach. Ooh, I think I just drooled on the keyboard! As for my George Washington Academy vent, I deleted the really nasty part, and it just wasn't as potent without it. The curriculum is amazing, the only flaw is that the school and PTO are operated by people I am VERY grateful to no longer be associated with.