The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Sunday!!!

Today was Randy's first shot at a regular Sunday.... meaning he's at the church my 9am and gets home around 5pm. When I left, he was doing great. Walker and all. The doctor told him that he can use crutches, but he's not that comfortable on them and he REALLY doesn't want to re-injure himself.

Friday was his first day back to work. He worked about 4 1/2 hours. Drove himself over and back and was just tired when he got home... no biggie!!! He was so happy to be back. He missed his guys so much and the contractors and all of it. He was a happy man!!! I had a little anxiety about it, since the crash, I had only left him without adult supervision for 1 1/2 hours one time!!! But he did great!!!

Monday he'll work for another 4 hour shift. Tuesday, he has an appointment with a urologist, so he'll take that day off and then we'll see what happens the rest of the week. My family is going to SLC to the temple open house and to the zoo, ect... this weekend and I'm leaving it up to Randy if we're going or not. I think the drive will be ok because we will stop a lot, we would borrow a wheel chair from our friends and when he doesn't want to do something, we can just chill at the hotel. I know Randy is concerned with the money end of it, but we are postponing our D'land trip this year and he'll only be missing 4 hours of work anyway!!!! So, I guess we'll see how he feels about it. I will support whatever decision he makes!!!

Randy still preferres the recliner to sleep, so I've been on the air mattress next to him. Maybe he can transition a little this week. He's doing pretty good, though. I am so happy that he's taken this recovery seriously so he can just heal. He's been a good boy and not over done it. So, wish us luck this week. We are so thankful for all of your love and support.... really thankful!!!!


Malea said...

Good man! I'm leaving to do the open house tomorrow; funny. Too bad you have to delay Disney. All those wheel chair front line priviledges gone to waste, what a shame:)

The McLaws Clan said...

Hey, since you said Randy is concerned witht he money end of it, please contact me and I can help out with saving some money at a hotel, possibly. Not sure how much you have the hotel right now reserved at, but I may be able to get you something a little cheaper. Email or call us and let us know. Hope to hear from you really soon.

Brenda said...

Ah...sweet success!

Erin said...

So glad he is doing better! I had to laugh at your comment. I KNEW it wouldn't be long before I got a helmet comment. We rode slow and decided that we for sure need them for next year! :)

So fun seeing pictures of Anna! I haven't seen her in so long. Love that you two are still such good friends!