The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New pictures of Randy's crash.

I just got these pictures. They are from the police at the scene. We were in Hurricane today for Randy's aunt's funeral, and I went by the crash site to see it for myself. It was very.... well.... I don't know. It put a knot in my throat. It made me feel like I did when he called and told me he was in a crash. Then it's followed by anger. Anger for that other driver and how in a blink of an eye, he changed my life and hurt my husband. It was hard for me to see where Randy was and that I wasn't with him. As a team, we go through most things together and I wasn't there when he was hurt. That bugs me.

In this first picture, look where the bike stopped and then look where the Explorer is.... Randy rode, with his head in the back of their car, almost THAT WHOLE WAY!!!! It wasn't until they stopped that Randy fell out the back of the Explorer. Pretty disturbing.

Everyone wants to see the helmet, well there it is. I think everyone assumes that it's cracked down the middle. When you have an $800.00 helmet, it takes more than going through a window to crack it!!! Even with his visor down and sun glasses on, his face was covered in glass that looked like glitter. I tried brushing it off (wondering why there was glitter on his eye lid) and cut him. I still feel bad about that. The helmet visor is broken, the vents are broken and there are lots of scratches and paint chips from the impact, but it's like a car seat, once it's in a crash, it's trash!!!

In the police report, it estimates that Randy was going 30 and the other guy was only going 10mph. It was BARELY out of the intersection. There is no reason he shouldn't have seen Randy, other than he wasn't looking. It makes me wonder if he was texting (which our lawyer will be ceasing his phone records to find out), or if the 2 dogs in the car during the crash caused too much of a distraction. It all bugs me. Absolute carelessness.

All in all, I am so glad to have my husband with me. He should be hurt so much worse, he could have been killed. I'm so glad he was wearing a good helmet, thick pants, gloves, work boots, his visor down and sunglasses. My life could be totally different than it is now. I know there were angels watching over him, no doubt in my mind AT ALL.


"T" said...

WOW Hope that looks so bad I am sorry that you had to go through that all over again!! You are a very strong lady!!! I am glad that you have angles watching over your family!!! You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers!!! Sorry that we have not made it down there to see you guys our secduals are so crazy I know that is no excuse but it is all that I have for now!!!!
The Swyers

Malea said...

I Love you and I love that you and your husband are such a team!