The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy birthday Gina!!!

Today is Gina's 32nd birthday!!!!

Who is Gina? Well, when we were in 9th grade, she knew who I was and DID NOT like me (something to do with my loud and obnoxious attitude) and THEN.... her brother and I started dating. Every sister's nightmare!!! She held out as long as she could, but eventually I got her... hook, line and sinker (must have been my loud and obnoxious attitude)!!!

She's one of those friends, that our friendship has gone to a different level. It sounds silly to say that she's one of my "best friends", she is more like a sister to me. That has only happened to 2 people in my life and Gina is one.

Here we are in 1995 on our High School graduation trip!!!
And another trip when we went to see Mickey on Christmas Day!!!

She is someone who tolerates me and loves me no matter how dumb I can be. She has never made me feel like she is judging me, and she's had EVERY opportunity to!!!

Here she is a long time ago, doing one of our favorite summer past times, swimming in her pool, jamming out to cool tunes!!!

So, 4 years after her brother and I started dating, it was time for him and I to end our relationship, but I got to keep Gina!!! How lucky am I?

Full Witchy Poo make up for Halloween and still loves me?

Here we are at the Ellen DeGeneres Show in Vegas. G is always up for fun!!!! One of the most spontaneous people I have ever known!!!!

We have been to the depths of Hell together and every time our lives take a dump on us, we seem to pull each other up. I would have never guessed 17 years ago that I would be THIS close to Gina McLaws, but I am so glad I have her in my life!!! She is beautiful and has a GREAT sense of humor. She is open minded and helps me see things in a different way. She enjoys rocking out with me to some of the funnest concerts I've ever been to. She makes me stand a little taller, laugh a little harder, and brings true happiness to my life. She can dance like no other!!! She is goofy and runs into walls and makes me laugh till I pee a little. She has allowed me to be a member of her family, her husband's favorite "sister", her son's favorite Aunt, and most of all, she has allowed me to learn and grow with her without ever growing further apart.

This week, she delivered a baby girl, Emily. I couldn't be more proud of Gina. She is such a gem in my life. I am so glad we are as close as we are!!!!
Happy Birthday G, I love you!!! Now, BURN IT UP and shake your booty to the rest of this song!!! But be careful and don't put your uterus in shock!!!


Alton clan said...

Thanks for making me cry on my birthday....i hope that makes you feel tough now :) Thank're way too nice and generous in this post :) love you more everyday! And yes, love the tunes you picked :)

Malea said...

Amazing tribute! I am so glad you have a "G" in your life; the "easy bake oven" to your pot stirring ways;) Her baby is so cute. I love her dark hair! Beautiful Post!

Erin said...

Fun to see pics of two were always such cute friends.

The Palmers said...

That was a great tribute. Gina does rock!

JeMM said...

I guess Gina is ok! Or maybe the truth is my entire family loves her to pieces! So glad you are there! Wish I could be!