The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Gina got tickets for Randy and I to go to Lady Antebellum and Due West at the Sunbowl as a late Christmas present.

I thought it was funny that she wanted to make up for a Christmas present, but when I heard what she was doing... I didn't argue one bit!!! I am so sad, because Gina is 9 plus months pregnant, ready to pop any day and wouldn't be able to go with us. So, we put it out there that we were going and hoped someone would want to go with us. Well, we got some takers!!! Our friends, Jeff and Chanieca Moss decided to come with us!!!

Pretending to have fun....

Having fun!!!

Also, my niece, Brookie sat by us also (yea, I'm the loser aunt that didn't get a picture of her)!!! It was at the Sunbowl in July, when we pulled up it was 107 degrees. Thank goodness there was some clouds that rolled in and cooled it down.

A group called Due West opened for Lady Antebellum. They were REALLY great. They are on their way up, that's for sure!!!

I was so excited to see Lady Antebellum. I kept feeling a tingling in my legs, I thought it was from excitement, then I remembered I had dry shaved my legs before we left!!!! I kept looking up at them, knowing that they are opening for Kenny Chesney tomorrow night, they've been on countless award shows that I've watched over and over and they were in my town!!! It was sooo fun!!!

I LOVE music and they are one of those groups that are just amazing. The vocals of Hillary Scott are angelic, along with the harmonizing with Charles Kelley and then add in the musical lullaby of Dave Haywood.... PERFECT!!! I get adrenaline rushes from going to concerts and going dancing. There isn't a lot that I'd rather do than go to a good concert!!! The screaming, singing, dancing and having fun with friends and family... that's what I call a good time!!! Randy is always so supportive. I know he doesn't love it like I do, but he's a good sport and goes but keeps everyone having fun in the meanwhile!!!

I don't know who's a bigger dork, Randy or Jeff. Look at the lady's bum behind them!!! HAHAHA!!!
Yea, Randy wins... BIGGER DORK!!! None of us could keep a straight face.

It's hard to know what made us laugh harder, the people that were there that didn't own a mirror (surely they wouldn't go out looking like that if they had a mirror and could see themselves) or Randy dancing with his broken pelvis. If you've ever seen Randy dance like a moron, yea, that's how he danced the whole time!!!!

The kids had a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa Clyde, THANKS MOM, so we could go tonight. We had a great time and I got my "concert fix"!!!! We rocked out to Lookin For A Good Time, Love Don't Live Here Anymore and I Run To You, along with others. It was just a blast!!!

Randy being normal.....

Never mind... this is Randy being normal!!!
Good company, good music, good moves, sweating, screaming, singing..... ahhhhhh!!!!!


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Brenda said...

One of the guys in Due West is the brother to my good friend Cary Gates MacArthur...exciting, huh? Cary lives in Bloomington and does Heritage Makers with me.

Chad said...

good for you. im going to nickleback and slipknot next month