The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Called to serve

I am so happy that I have a husband that takes his church callings seriously. Randy is the 1st counselor in our Bishopric. When he was in his motorcycle crash, he was laying in the ER and whispered, "it's my month to conduct". Not in a way that he was excited to get out of it, but disappointed that someone else was going to have to take some of his responsibilities away from him for a time.

Well, here we are, 17 days later, and he insisted on going to his early morning meetings today. We had to be up by 7:30am (not easy after a long night for me), feed him (even though it's fast Sunday, he's taking pain pills and HAS to eat), shower him (it's getting easier, but I still have to be RIGHT THERE), dress him, including putting his shoes and socks on, in the car, and safely into the church by 9am. It is NOT easy, but it shows the dedication he has for his calling.

He has had a lot of moments that have got him down. There are a lot of things that he CAN'T do that he normally does. He can't ride his bike, drive his truck, drive a loader at work, a cement truck, a water truck, a dump truck, haul wood off the mountain, run his chainsaw, play with the kids, walk easy, ect.... there is sooo much that he can't do right not, but one thing he CAN do is serve. He's still in the Bishopric and he can still do things even if he's stuck at home.

I am so thankful for his example to me. He WANTS to be back at church, doing the things that he normally does. Just one more of the millions of reason that I love him so much!!!

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JeMM said...

Hope, I love your willingness and ability to share so much of your life, thoughts and feelings with us all. It is a great blessing to our family to see your family's great example in so many things and especially in this time of trial - WOW you and Randy are heros!
LOVE YOU! Thanks for keeping us posted!