The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 14...

So today marks the 2 week mark of Randy's motorcycle crash. I took this picture of him the day we left the hospital, we were waiting for the nurse to come and take out his IV so we could leave. To celebrate today I'm gonna post 14 (of the VERY many) things that I have learned through this.

1. One moment in time can change your life forever.

2. Helmets are a must when riding a bike. I have never doubted that, but hopefully the riders that know and love Randy will always wear their helmets now.

3. Prayers really do keep us going when everything else looks bleak. I know all of your prayers have carried our family through this. Please keep them coming.

4. I am amazingly blessed to have the husband I do.

5. When times are hard, your best friends step up instead of step back.

6. Caretakers need more credit for their work.

7. Patients need more love than care.

8. When someone offers to do something for me, say "thank you" instead of "no thank you".

9. Lawyers are a WONDERFUL thing to have in situations like this.

10. The saying about "getting back on a horse after being bucked off" is the same with a biker.

11. Love can be felt through actions more than I ever knew.

12. Our children are really affected by the mood we chose to be in.

13. Our parents will do anything for us. Even when it means traveling half way across the state to be here for us, or if it means agreeing to take our kids for who knows how long until daddy gets out of the hospital.

14. Our trials make us stronger and teach everyone lessons in the meanwhile.

Randy has kept this smile on his face most of the time. He rarely has got down with his mood. There is so much more I have learned, but above all is how madly, deeply, and uncontrollably in love I am with my husband. I can't tell you what a blessing it has been to be with him almost 24 hours a day for the last 14 days. It's not always easy, but the closeness we have felt overcomes all of that. I have forgot what it's like to flirt so much. He's always pinching, winking, patting and whistling at me. It's been so fun!!! I can't believe I just called all of this fun, but it has had it's moments that I will treasure the rest of my life!!!

Thank you sooo much to our family and friends that have been here for us. The McInnes family came over tonight and mowed our lawns (yea, Heather's 20 weeks pregnant and she was doing MY yard work!!!). Paul said something to me that tells you what kind of friends we have, he said, "it's one thing to ask what needs to be done, and it's another to drive by, see that the lawns need to be mowed and just come over and mow them.". I can't express how grateful I am to be blessed by such wonderful friends and family. I haven't deserved any of the wonderful treatment that I have got... BY FAR I have not, but maybe I can be THAT friend someday. There are some that have gone way, way, way beyond what was ever expected or asked, but to you I thank you with everything I am. You know who I am talking about right now. We love you guys and will treasure you forever.

Randy's on the mend. We go to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully see some good improvements on x-ray. Again, thank you for your comments, prayers, service and everything else. None of it has gone un-noticed!!!

Have a good 4th of July weekend!!!

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The McLaws Clan said...

It is awesome to see people, like yourselves, not have something like this bring you down. You both are great examples to everyone on how to be strong and there for each other. Our prayers are with you and your family always. If there is anything we can do for you, I mean anything, please let us know. Even though we live up north, we can still do things for you. Our love and prayers are with you.