The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our good news....

So we saw the orthopedic surgeon today. It's day 20 and when we saw the x-ray, we could tell there was a dramatic improvement in Randy's pelvis fracture!!! The doctor came in and measured the break.... on day 1, it was a 20mm separation, today, it's only 12mm!!!! That's almost a 50% closure!!! I was sooooo happy and Randy is too!!! The doctor was SHOCKED to say the least. He was glad they didn't do surgery and impressed that it has healed that well so far. He said, "it sucks for my pocket book, but it's great news for you guys!!!". I am so happy right now I can't even tell you!!! So...

*he can ditch the walker, just crutches for the next 2 weeks
*he can go back to work up to 4 hours a day, as tolerated
*no more Lortab, just IBU 800s and Tylenol
*when he can handle it, he can drive his pick up because it's an automatic
*we see the urologist next Tuesday
*we see the ortho again in 3 weeks
*in 2 weeks Randy can start working full time again!!!

While we were at the ortho, one of the nurses popped her head in our room and said, "I saw your bike pictures.... WOW!!!! Impressive!!!" He's like a legend down there!!!

I know that it is because of the power of the priesthood, prayers, fasting and faith that Randy is healing as well as he is. When you have a doctor standing in front of you, shaking his head at the progress that he doesn't have an explanation for, you get an understanding of how much has gone into Randy's healing that we are not in control of. I know that our prayers are being heard and I know our Heavenly Father loves us enough to send us these challenges and the blessings we get from them.

This road of recovery isn't over yet, so please keep him in your prayers. But for now.... I'm going to go do the happy dance!!!

This is the x-ray from June 18th, Day 1.
This is today's x-ray, day 20!!!

And a closer look!!!


Zitting Zoo said...

Let me join you in the happy dance!!! I am so happy that all is getting better and you got wonderful news today! We love yoU!!

Malea said...

It IS time to do the dance!!! Lortab really does stink when you have to be on it for a while.

"T" said...

Congrats on the good news I hope that the progress keeps going as fats as it has considering what Randy has been through!!

Nettie said...

"Hip" "Hip" hooray! lol!

The McLaws Clan said...

Hey, I'm happy for all of you. Now your husband might get back to normal since he won't be all hyped up on Loritab. Just Kidding Randy! Take care and you will always be in our prayers. See you in a few weeks, middle of August.

Brenda said...

Who can top the Hip "Hip" Hooray?! I concur!

Erin said...

That's great news for you guys! YEAHHHHH! Returning to "normal" is a great thing.