The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dance dance revolution!!!

We had some friends over on Friday night to play. It was so fun. We started out the night by ordering 8 pizzas, we watched the BYU game (I assumed it was still basketball, so imagine how surprised I was when they turned on a football game, I guess that tells you how into sports I am), then we played Singstar for a while and ended with dance dance revolution. I COMPLETELY SUCK!!! It was fun watching everyone. Above is Tyler and Ashley, tuckered out from all the fun...

Here's Randy and Chanieca, Randy's trying to figure it out....

Oh, yea.... now he gets it!!!

Anna and her sister, Abby. Check out Anna's calfs (is that plural for calf?)!!! Woo, woo!!!

Maddison and Whitney could totally kick my trash!!!

Jeff and Chanieca. I would never guess that Jeff is the game playing kind, but he totally rocked at both games.

Paul and Heather were there also, I don't know why neither one of them wanted to dance.... weird!!! Maybe next time. I have realized lately how a good balance in life makes all the difference. Family, friends, work, religion, if there isn't a good balance then things just go crazy. I like the balance I have right now, I feel happier than I ever have been. It is nice to feel loved and be able to let your hair down with a group of friends. I think we should do this more often!!! Any takers?


Charmaine said...

Hey, we wanna come over and play with you guys! Wish we still lived down there-looks like fun! I agree, isn't it great when you can have that perfect balance? Great friends are so important too, aren't they? :)

The McLaws Clan said...

Hey guys, sounds like a date. We will be down to enjoy in the food and entertainment. Entertainment meaning watching randy to the "funky chicken" or the other dance moves. We don't do much of anything like that up here where we live. No one comes to visit us at all. Well, we want to come by and say hi sometime. Give us a call on our cell 801-698-9587.

Zitting Zoo said...

Count me in! Sounds like alot of fun!!!