The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do you live with someone that has buck fever?

I DO!!! Randy, his dad and Steven are hunting this morning (along with most of the men in Utah that have red blood in their veins). When we got married, he went hunting, without me, 1 week later. I have never had a problem with him doing his "guy thing", I call it that cuz there is no reason for me to go with him. I think the requirements to go hunting are:
#1 you have to pee standing up(I can, it just doesn't work out that well)
#2 you should be able to spit good(I suck)
#3 you feel a constant need to scratch your crotch(NOPE!!!)
#4 you should be able to be quiet(you all know THAT won't happen)

That's what hunting means to me. I know there are girls that can kick it with the boys (Anna and Angie) and I think you totally rock, I don't rock. I would have a lot of fun just making fun of the whole situation, though. Randy feels that I'm wasting a good resource by not hunting, being born an Albrecht, I have these GREAT eyes for spotting deer. I should go just to tell them where the deer are. I'm a really good shot, too. I just don't want to. I have issues with eating the meat, it's icky, so to me it's just a fun thing for the boys to do, I can find other things for me and the kids to do. Am I a poor sport or what? The whole "bonding" thing? I know... my mom tells me that I should do stuff like that with Randy so we can bond, that's when I inform her of the fun way we "bond", shuts her up ever time!!! Anyhow, if you are a hunter widow this week, HAVE FUN cuz surely the men are!!! Hopefully they all have a good time and don't bring home any ticks!!!


The Fords said...

I Love this Post!! I especially love the music that went with it!!!:)My cousin is Brooke Reeve.
Well have fun this weekend. Unfortunatly my husband didn't draw out for the hunt this year! But it's okay because he would expect me to go with him and it's not fun for me sitting at camp with the kids, By Myself!!

Brenda said...

My guy doesn't go hunting, he goes four-wheeling. That's where he is today. Yesterday he went shooting, but no hunting. His brother is here and they are having a great time. I think it's healthy to have some separate long as you "bond" other ways. (wink)

Charmaine said...

Hey, what about me?! Did you forget how much I love to hunt?! ha ha! I agree with you about the peeing standing thing-I don't like it to run down my leg either! :)

Angie said...

Thanks for thinking of me as a butch girl! I love camping, but hunting? No thanks! Never been, never really want to. I would rather have the time for myself I think. Selfish!!