The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, I had something SHOCKING happen today... I didn't pay my phone bill last month and THEY TURNED MY PHONE OFF!!! Holy cow!!! What am I going to do? Doesn't the phone company know that the phone is like my right arm? Well, I'm left handed, so my right hand isn't used AS much, but it's still important. Why didn't anyone tell me that would happen? I've been a little busy lately and have apparently forgot to pay some bills. It's back on, fhew!!! As soon as it came back on I hurried and paid my cell phone bill and satellite also. No more slacking for us!!! So, if you tried to call me this afternoon and couldn't get through, you can now!!! I'm laughing about the whole thing, it just tells you where my brain has NOT been!!!

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Ronni Blair said...

I got your message about Friday. Im not sure if we can make it, if we can will for sure come. It sounds way fun. Don't worry about any food or anything for us because Im not sure if we will make it. Thanks for the invite!