The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can do it!!!

This is me... Randy's truck and the wood trailer. The Clyde's haul wood off the mountain all summer and sell it in the winter to pay for our annual Disneyland trip. Well, last year, someone made the comment about "Hope not knowing how to pull the trailers".... that's all it took. I am very stubborn and I don't like to be told that I can't do something. I understand rules, I get that, it's the "she's a girl and can't do it" crap that I hate. I don't like being called a chicken. I'm pretty good at dares, cuz I'll almost do anything on a dare or challenge.... examples? How about eating the nasty pepper cuz Heather told me to... drinking hot sauce that Mike brought over that had a warning label on it... my boyfriend when I was 15 told me I couldn't drive his truck because I didn't know how to drive a stick, I LEARNED.... how about skinny dipping (no one does that without being dared).... Anna and I used to have contests to see who could stand on the hot St. George asphalt when we were little.... do I need to go on? So last year when that comment was made I thought, "not only will I learn how to pull the trailers, I will figure out the trailer brakes, learn how to back the trailers up and I'm gonna do it just to show them that I can!!!", and I did!!! So on Saturday when we were on our way home from delivering wood to Vegas, Randy was starting to fall asleep (he tends to sleep and drive at the same time), so he pulled over and I drove from Logandale, home. Yes, though the gorge with a 7' X 12' trailer and I DID IT!!! When I got to my mom and dad's I almost did a happy dance!!! I knew I could, I just love that I proved that I could without having a stroke!!! Now, don't underestimate how whimpy I am, because I am not very tough most of the time. I definitely need Randy, there's a lot that I can't do, thank goodness I have him. Just don't tell me I "can't"!!!


Zitting Zoo said...

You go girlfriend! Ok I have your next dare- I dare you to come to Portland!!!! hint hint!

The McLaws Clan said...

ha ha ha, that is awesome! You go show that all women are not blondes. Well, if you are married to a Clyde, you better be able to do a lot of things. Those guys are tough and rugged. They don't mess around.

Heidi said...

Way to go. I have learned to drive with a trailer on to I do hate it. And feel like I'm going to have a break down but I do it. You guys should of stopped by and said hi.

SteveJ said...

Hey Hoopie,
I was told by a friend that the best advice was that "To never learn how to clean a fish!" She has taken it to hart and has never learned how to clean a fish, thus has never had to clean a fish. I am glad you have taken it as a chalenge, and now we'll always have someone to "clean the fish" :)

Your Awesome!!!

Joseph and Katie said...

Hope, I admire your determination! You go girl! I have taken a challenge also. I gave it to myself - I said that I couldn't loose that 60 pounds I have gained over the last 10 years. Well, now I am doing it! 17 lbs. already gone! DOn't tell me I can't look hot some day! :)

Unknown said...

Go Hopie Go!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. A week ago I drove Glenns big work truck to Vegas. I told his mom I couldn't because I wasn't Inc. to do it She said your inc. to drive what ever you drive I told her sasassa.
From My Heart, To Yours;