The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tyler's first lost tooth!!! Finally!!!

Tyler will be 7 in January and he finally lost his first tooth, it was a top one.... weird, but whatever. His tooth was no where near ready to come out, but because he is all B-O-Y, it'll come out when HE is ready. He was afraid of the kids in his class making fun of him, little does he know that there is only one other kid in his class that hasn't lost a tooth. I'm glad to have it out!!! He got it all but out and we had to coax him to let Randy do the rest of it. We even had to convince him that the tooth fairy gives a 50 cent bonus on Thursdays (that means $1.50 if you were wondering). Oh, the joys of parenting!!!


Zitting Zoo said...

Way to go Tyler!! Your rich!! Send the tooth fairy to my house!

Miss Kay said...

I often feel unworthy of my friends, but I'm selfish enough that I stick with them anyway! I need to call you...will do soon.
Love ya!