The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, October means Odyssey Dance Theatre at Tuachann!!! I got to see the show for the first time a couple years ago and I can't get enough of it now!!! These dancers are AMAZING!!! They do things that I didn't know was even humanly possible. The music is great, the mood is spooky, the dancing is like nothing I have ever seen and the jokes are hilarious. It's an experience I can't describe. If you like horror films, dance or theatre AT ALL, don't miss this show. Randy went last year with me and because he's a boy, I didn't really expect him to want to go again this year, sometimes once is enough, but not with this show, he's as excited as I am. Maybe it's the freaky zombies that scare me so bad that I cry that he's excited about. They have the drama students dolled up as zombies before and after the show and during intermission that come around and try to scare people. THEY SCARE ME!!! That's the only reason I wont go to haunted houses, the people are REAL!!! I can watch the best of scary movies and not even have a nightmare, but real freaks scare me. So, the reason I am talking about this now? We just got our tickets. They're selling out fast, so if you want to go, get out there now. You wont regret it!!! Well, you might if you are a scare-dee cat!!!


Unknown said...

Hey, my friend just informed me that she is taking me to see "Thriller" for the first time-for my birthday since it's soon. I am so excited! I always wanted to go when we lived down there and for some reason, I never did. I can hardly wait! I unlike you, love haunted houses and scarey dressed people and scarey movies too! What night are you guys going? Maybe I'll see you there!

Brenda said...

It looks like a lot of fun...have some fun for me, K?

Michelle Campbell said...

Ok girl, I haven't been on your blog in a while and I had a lot of reading to do. :) I would totally would love to see that Tuacahn show! Maybe next year we'll come up and see it with you guys! :) I loved the 'warning' post... TOOO funny! I loved your excuses to your kids. Sometimes it stinks when the kids learn how to read. Clint and I have magnet on the fridge we got in San Fran that has the question "Tonight?" with a girl and guy kissing. then it has a little block hanging down that says Yes, no, or maybe. haha. It was cute til my 6 year old asked me what it meant. haha. My 10 year old already knows and doesn't go there. :) Oh- and one more thing... I adored those wedding pics. Big dress, big curls, big veil (reminds me of mine)haha... and AWESOME kilt!!! Way to look good in a skirt, Randy! (Clint would kill me if he knew I called it a skirt. haha) Happy late 12th anniversary. Luv ya... and have a super day!