The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, October 16, 2008


There!!! I said it!!! I ran over a huge bolt in the road yesterday (yes, on purpose, duh...) and the Tahoe needed a front end alignment. Randy called Brett (our friend) and he said to bring it in at 9:30 this morning and leave it for a little while. "There goes pajama day" was my first thought, with it being fall break, I thought it would be fun for the kids to just have a down day... WRONG!!! Took the car in and told them to tell Brett that it was there. Moved the kids over to Blanche's car, took her to work and went home. The auto tech called at 1pm and said they were done with the alignment and my car was next on to fix the tire, "should I head that way?" they said, "yea, it wont take too long". Load the kids up, go get Wyatt from Angie (she had a dr. appt.), pick up Blanche and go to the auto tech. I go in and he tells me that the tire isn't done yet and the tire guy went to lunch so it'll be another hour.....uuuhhhggggg!!!!! As I walk out, I see that Blanche, being the helpful sister, has got the kids out of their car seats, car seats out of car and kids waiting!!! I felt so bad telling her that we would have to load them back up. Got the kids back in, took Blanche back to work, Wyatt back to Angie crying cuz he wanted to go to "Cambo's" house and wait....wait.....wait. Blanche had some errands to run so we went with her then they called to tell me the tire was done. Went to get car, got kids in, turned car on and DING DING- check tire pressures. Holy cow!!! (you know that's not really what I thought) I go in, "you need to reset the tire pressures".... wait....wait....wait. They had me pull in front of the bay to do it, I informed them that I wasn't getting the kids out of the car, they would have to do it with them in. They did. Finally at 4pm I was leaving the auto tech!!! What a mess. I HATE car repair places. They give me tourettes. I mean, I actually start swearing uncontrollably when I am there. Dumb, dumb, dumb, next time Randy says, "just run it over to Brett", I'm gonna smack him!!! So how was your day? :)


Charmaine said...

Aw, too bad Gene couldn't have done it for you-he would have treated you way better than that! :) I'm with you-I don't like those places either! Sorry you had such a bad one!

Zitting Zoo said...

Oh man! That sucks!!!!! I hope you have a better day today!

Laurie said...

I have many a memory like this from Big-O!!

Hey, nice to hear from you. How did you find me? It's sort of crazy how quickly we can lose touch. I mean, we're only 300 miles away! :)

Look at Tyler! He was just a little tyke when we moved, and Maddison is cute as ever. And you have another girl?

The Fords said...

I just love to read your posts, Hey my cousin,that I haven't talked to in years found me through your blog! Thanks for having such an exciting life and posting all about it. I'm glad I got to know you because you can always make me smile!!