The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, October 24, 2008


There are a lot of girls in my life right now that are pregnant and more that would like to be. Isn't it a miracle that our Heavenly Father makes our bodies so that we can carry babies and isn't it a miracle that He sends knowledge to people to help us when things don't go perfect. Two girls that I love very much that are pregnant are having a hard time right now. My "sister from another mister", Holly and my niece, Misty. Holly is just over 25 weeks and is starting contractions and Misty just got admitted to the hospital at 24 weeks with twin boys for contracting and a softening cervix. I am so sad that they are going through this. No one wants to have problems. We never did, so when they were thrown in our faces, we did our best to survive. I hope they will be ok and keep their spirits up. Doesn't that fall under "Newton's law" or something, those girls having ripe cervixes and the ones that are ready, not having much luck (Angie)? Anyhow, that's what happens when you get knocked up, it's not always fun I guess. Hang in there girls. I love you!!!

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Joseph and Katie Smith said...

You are so great to be so sensitive to others and share. I hope they are doing okay. This pregnant thing is no piece of cake!