The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Kiss me!!! But I'm not Irish. I always wanted to say, "KISS ME, I'M AMERICAN"... it just doesn't sound as cute!!!! Are you a hugger or a kisser or a non-toucher? I'm a kisser for SURE, but I'll take a hug and some people I just know are non-touchers, so I'm learning to respect that and not attack them every time I see them!!! I grew up with the Albrecht's being very affectionate. That's what I learned. The VERY FIRST TIME Randy went to Vegas with me, my grandpa kissed him on the lips. That might have been the only man that had ever kissed Randy at that point. He's used to it by now. It wasn't even until that point that I knew it was anything but comfortable for everyone. I grew up that way, "doesn't everyone?" is what I thought. Guess not!!! I like the way my family shows affection and we're not even Irish... imagine if we were!!!! Well, I better go put on some green before the kids catch on!!!


The Childs said...

What a welcome into the family for Randy. I think you should shout "Kiss me, I'm America" right in front of Walmart!

The McLaws Clan said...

That is great! I bet that Randy will never forget that moment. Just remind me not to meet your Grandpa. I'm Scottish, not Irish. he he he

Nettie said...

my grandma is a crazy old lady. She kissed Mitch the first time too. He claims she slipped him some tongue, I think it was just a little slobbery! lol lol lol old people rock!!