The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nighty night!!!

Some of you have seen this on my Facebook, but I had to put it on my blog. Randy and Tyler were watching Randy's cousin, Melissa play baseball. Randy offered to escort them down to some ball fields that they had never been to before. While following Randy and Tyler on the motorcycle, Jason and Melissa were so impressed at how well Tyler was holding still. That's where Randy stopped them and told them that he had to go home... TYLER WAS ASLEEP ON THE MOTORCYCLE!!! When Ty falls asleep, he doesn't wake up, so Randy leaned WAY forward and held on to one of his arms and prayed the whole way home that they would be safe. Because of the shape of Randy's bike, he couldn't even put him on front. It scared the crap out of me when he pulled in!!! They were down by K-mart, which is about 4 1/2 miles away. That's too far when you have a sleeping 7 year old to hang on to!!! Anyhow, ENJOY!!!

By the way, turn the music of at the bottom if you want to hear what Randy says and my obnoxious laugh!!! Before you pause it... look at the song title!!! hehehehe


Erin said...

Oh Hope that is too funny! I can't believe he didn't wake up!!! Classic! So glad you got it on camera. :)

Malea said...

Holy Shnikies! Good for Randy for keeping him safe. That is hilarious (scary) but hilarious. Hey, will you Facebook for me to the Jetettes that I have just gotten my home computer back from getting fixed, so now I can finish burning pic cd's and dvd's. I would very much appreciate it. I'd do it on Matthew's account, but I try not to write on walls as it could possibly freak everyone out.

The Fords said...

That was soo Funny!! You are so good to get that on camera, pictures just don't justify a situation like that one!☺ That had to have been so scary for Randy.

The Childs said...

THat is a great laugh! I can't believe he is that out of it! How funny.

Rachel Doyle said...

How freakin scary!!! Is he narcoleptic? I am glad you guys got him home safe..