The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let Zion in her beauty rise!!!

So, we took a trip to Zion last weekend with the Clyde's. Here's our loser parent moment for the day..... we had never taken our kids to Zion!!! (insert gasp here). We had a great time and learned a good lesson.... Maddison's allergies are WAY worse than we thought!!! ALWAYS TAKE BENADRYL!!! Jamie was the only one that wasn't able to come with us and we missed her a lot. We were planning on going to the park on Friday, but Peggy mentioned that Cory wanted to go but had to work on Friday, so without many problems, we were able to change it to Saturday so Cory could go!!! It was a great time. So, I really suck at putting pictures on here in order, hang in there.....

Here is Randy, Layla, Cambelle, Steven (he's "special", I think I snapped the picture before he could really do what he was trying to.... Steven can touch his uvula (the doinger in the back of your throat) with his tounge... it makes me hyperventilate with laughter every time he does it), Naomi, Cory and Mazie after Weeping Rock!!!

The kids playing in the sand by the river!!!

Tyler and Naomi held hands THE ENTIRE DAY!!! It was soooo cute!!! They're great friends.
Here's Grandma with Maddison, Naomi and Tyler.
HEY LOOK!!!! It's the Wienermobile!!! That was SOOO exciting for the kids!?!
Here we are at Uncle Timmy's art gallery in "Sprinkledale" as Randy calls it. He can't just say Springdale. But my favorite is "Fredonkey" for Fredonia. I'm laughing just typing it!!! Uncle Timmy owns this art gallery, he features local artists. It was really fun to see his "baby"!!!
Here's Cory taking a picture of me......
While I'm taking a picture of him!!!!
Pick a husband.... Randy and his brother Steven, which is which? Steven's wife used to make fun of me for getting them mixed up, now SHE'S the one that calls Randy, Steven!!! It makes me feel better about getting them mixed around. It's only got me into trouble ONCE and that's a whole different post!!! So, in 13 years, I think that's ok!!! On this day, I'm SURE there was a phone call that went like this, "So, I'm thinking we should wear our wide-brimmed camo hats, what do you think? Let's see how many times our wives call us by our wrong names...hehehehe!!!!"
Our family!!!
Randy playing Frisbee with Steven and the kids.
Cambelle and one of her many "looks"!!! We know we're in trouble!!!

Tyler enjoying the bath from Weeping Rock!!!

Strike a pose there's nothing to it VOGUE!!! Where does she learn this stuff?
Maddison playing photographer!!!

We had such a great time and now my kids can say they've been to Zion!!! We loved driving through the tunnel and Grandma telling the kids about when she and her friends used to run thought it ("before it became illegal"), now she freaks out when my lights didn't turn right on in the pitch black tunnel!!! My, how things have changed!!! I love making memories for me and my family, this was one of those great days!!!


The McInnes Family said...

what's a doinger? Sounds interesting!

Malea said...

My favorite fam memories both as a kid and with the kids are just hangin' in our backyard, Zion. Cute pics, want to know the backstory of you getting your husband and his bro mixed up. Post, I'm sitting on pins and needles.

Lacey said...

Zions is a blast!! I haven't been there forever, except driving right on through. The hikes are so much fun.

Erin said...

Fun outing! I LOVE the picture of your family in front of the cute!!!

Aleisha said...

I have GOT to take my kids there. That looks so fun!

Unknown said...


And, Zion is a blast! I can't believe you don't take your kids up there.