The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh was I a naughty girl....

Whenever Cambelle is acting up, Randy and I always blame it on each other, both of us knowing full well who's genes it came from... MINE!!! My friend Misty told a story of her getting into trouble in school on her blog, then told me it was my turn to tell one like it!!! Well, it's hard to pick exactly which story to tell. I got into trouble A LOT in school... usually because of that big mouth on my face. Anyhow, my favorite (because it involves my parents) was when I was in 9th grade at Dixie Middle School. Now, we all know that the 9th graders rule the school. At least that was my mind set!!! I was in Mr. Bundy's science class. He and I didn't get along very well, for some reason he wouldn't just give in and let me take over his class!!! Grouch. Anyhow, he always got mad at me for talking. One day, he moved me to the front row, thinking that would scare me into shutting up.... HELLO??????? It was like he was putting me on a stage with a microphone with all my L.A. Gear on!!! That just fueled my fire!!! I became more obnoxious than ever. The next step was the hall, door open. That was just a hide and seek game for me, see how long I could stand in the door, making everyone laugh until he saw me. Then he shut the door. At this point he wasn't even letting me INTO class!!! So, the window was mine!!! Blow fishes, funny faces, ect...
One day before class, I could tell he was in a bad mood (not unusual when dealing with a kid like me), he ordered me to the Library. A few minutes later he came in and told me that he was at his whits end and we (me) were going to call my parents!!! Well, looking at the clock, I knew my dad was home by then, I wasn't very afraid. He hands me the phone and tells me to dial.

Mr. Bundy-"Tell your parents that you have a learning disability"
Me-"Hey dad!!! Mr. Bundy says I have a learning disability"
Mr. Bundy-"Tell him that you can't LEARN to keep your mouth SHUT!!!"
Me- "He said 'I can't learn to keep my mouth shut'!!!"
My dad-"What's new?"
Me-"He said, 'what's new?'"
Mr. Bundy- "Ask him what I should do to keep you quiet"
Me- "Dad, he wants to know what to do to keep me quiet?"
My dad (with a giggle)- "Tell him to tape your mouth shut!!!"
Me- "My dad said to tape my mouth shut."
Mr. Bundy- "GIVE ME THE PHONE!!! Mr. Memmott, this is not a joke, I CAN NOT have her disrupting my class anymore!!! (said in a voice like a Nazi leader)
My dad- "I'm serious!!! Tape is the answer!!!"
Mr. Bundy- "We'll talk about this later" (with obvious frustration in his voice)

That period ends with me in the hall like normal. The next day, Mr. Bundy invites me back to my front row seat!!! I was so excited- TIME FOR MY RULE AGAIN!!! I sit down, ready to terrorize!!! That when it happened.... he said, "Before I begin class, I need to do one thing...." he opens his drawer, pulls out 6 rolls of duct tape, shrink wrapped all together. "Hope, if I open this, I will use EVERY INCH!!!!" I knew I was in for it!!! My dad had given him permission. I kept my mouth SO shut!!!! At the end of that quarter, my mom transferred me to a different class, because, "Mr. Bundy and I didn't get along"!!! I can't imagine being with him for another day!!! I know you're probably SHOCKED by my behavior back then, I'm so different now...hehehe!!! So, if you have any stories of being naughty in school, feel free to share!!! Misty, was that a good one? By the way... the picture is of me and my friend Amber at Sea World with my Aunt Vicky and Uncle Gus when we were going into 9th grade, we look so innocent, huh?


The Childs said...

That is funny! I didn't expect much less from you Hope. Isn't it amazing that we not only made it through school, but all of our teachers did too!

the Alton clan said...

I totally remember this...that's the class where I developed such a good opinion of you and your L.A. gear :) I was very curious to see how Mr. Bundy was going to handle was entertaining in that aspect. I think it's funny to hear you recount your parents response to this situation, cause I know that you'd totally be like "what the **** I'll beat their ***" if they were calling about Tyler or Cambelle. Mike is this way now that act like he did bug him so bad even though he understands where they are coming from, including Adam's naughtiness. It's funny to me....hee hee hee.

the Alton clan said...

adam just kissed the screen when he saw your fam pic on the blog....hahahaha :) he knows.

Megan said...

You crackle me up..

rowleypoley said...

I love it!! As I was reading it, I thought of my middle school reading teacher, Mr. Taylor. We terrorized him like no other! I'll have to share that story another time!! Ha ha! I just hope that my kids NEVER act like I did when I was in school!!!

Malea said...

Ah, Mr. Bun Bun Bundy. There are a few that just mentioning the name makes me giggle.

Michelle Campbell said...

haha. That was totally hilarious! I don't have any funny stories like that, cause I was always too afraid to get into trouble. haha. I know, I'm a wussy!
What the heck??!!! I can't believe you know Gma Brown!! Jeannine Brown is Clint's dad's mom! So that means that your friend and Clint are second cousins! haha. What's your friend's name? What's her parent's names?? What? Your parents are in Grandma's ward??!! Crazy crazy world! haha. I love it. Seriously though, Jeannine Brown is one of my favorite people in the world. She's the best. Ok, you gotta let me know who your best friend is so I can tell Clint!

Rachel Doyle said...

That's bad!!! I actually liked Mr. Bundy - but then again I grew up in his ward so he knew me. I did however get in trouble once in Mr. Gubler's band class -- we took rubber bands that went on braces and hit the back of the heads of the flute players... lol

nyn said...

This is so hilarious. I actually didn't move to St. George until tenth grade so I never had any of the middle school teachers. But I love to hear the stories. I know my younger siblings have some good ones. This kind of story is why I don't really bother with getting bothered when my daughter complains that in gym they had to dress out three times because kids kept acting up. The teacher has to show their are boss. So funny. Good job Hope.